A Brief Introduction

Brought up as a jazz vocalist, I perform in different scenes, from post-bop to avant-pop. I engage with the field of extended techniques and spoken word, my work ranging from solo to chamber to big band size.

Interested in the experimental side of life, the improvised aspect of all that emerges from beneath the details of crafting sound and content.

I’m a performer, a poet, a composer, an environmentalist in my spare time. In love with people, the news, all that permeates culture. Disciplines that might inform my activity include cinematography and architecture.

Spent 18 years in Romania and 7 in the Netherlands, out of which 15 were invested in my formalized music education. Learned to sing, to create, to reimagine music. When I need to curate, conduct, arrange or compose, I’ve got a few tools and experience to back me up against the spotlight.

I do exist in multiple contexts simultaneously, wrapped in multitudes, devoted to making the most out of the imbalance which defines being a consumer, a creator and a money machine.

With regards to my artistic values, my music can sometimes take an activist turn, since I strive to be plantbased, lowwaste and minimalistic.

My athletic side provides me with the mental strength of pursuing a path with regards to music making in New York City from 2020 onwards, following the School of Improvised Music’s Summer Intensive.

You can always support my craft on Patreon. Every dollar counts.

Nevertheless, the people I worked / studied with or been mentored by include and to which I’m endlessly grateful are, amongst others: Jd Walter, Alex Simu, Ruben Hein, Martin Fondse, Marjorie Barnes, Francien van Tuinen, Florin Răducanu, Mircea Tiberian, Mihai Iordache, Lucian Ban, Steffen Schorn, Harjo Pasveer, Dick de Graaf, Paul M. van Brugge, George Dumitriu, Tineke Postma, Loran Witteveen, Conrad Herwig, Marc van Roon, Dumitru Avakian.

“This is undoubtedly an artist charting her own course.”

London Jazz News