Suzana Lașcu sings her way into a moment, but nevertheless enjoys organizing noise via external
sources. Brought up as an improviser, her work is gradually being woven across different genres,
from jazz to the experimental, in the realm of acoustic and electronic music alike. In terms of
technique, she isn’t exactly fitting the “traditional” expectations, regularly employing extended techniques, spoken word and non-temperate sound production effects.

As a performer, poet, composer, her work, mostly chamber in size, strives to address all that
permeates culture. Therefore, she has been initiated in the transdisciplinarity of performative
practices and would be curios to further explore it through collaboration and research.

15 years were dedicated to her formalized music education in the Netherlands and Romania. She
graduated from her bachelor studies at Prins Claus Conservatorium and completed a master
research paper in jazz improvisation at Codarts University.

In 2021, she has enrolled into the one-year program at The Institute of Sonology, in the Hague, since she displays an interest in algorithmic composition, microtonal music and field recording.

Invested in the inventive aspect of music, she variably switches hats as a curator, conductor,
radiophonist or songwriter for projects other than her own, in search for collaborative music
making. In 2021, she started broadcasting her most recent works on Radio WORM, in Rotterdam.

Amongst her mentors are: Jd Walter, Harjo Pasveer, Liliana Dumitrache, Matt Mitchell, Alex Simu, Loran Witteveen, Conrad Herwig, Marc van Roon, Kurt Weiss, Florin Răducanu, Dumitru Avakian.

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Of humble sonic service as a sound art producer on Soundbetter.