Suzana Lașcu

  • Born on August 31st, 1994 in Bucharest, Romania
  • Started singing at the age of 8
  • Institutions & Degrees:
  • Genres: post-bop, avant-pop, alternative jazz, experimental electronic.
  • Throughout her performance, improvisation is a recurrent factor.
  • Toured with the Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest IV (2015 – 2016)
  • Teaching vocal technique at Muziekonderwijs.
  • Opened the Rotterdam Jazz International Festival with Crusaders vs Hurricanes in 2018 at Lantaren Venster.
  • Received commissioned work as a composer for WORM, as part of the collective of female electronic musicians called Re#sister.
  • Chairman of the Codarts Student Collective “Yellow House” (2019).
  • Career highlights:
  • Records:
  • Fluent in both Romanian & English; can conversate in Dutch; understands French, Italian, Spanish.
  • Activates as a ZZP-er in the Netherlands through the Chamber of Commerce.