Brains on Fluffy Pillows (electronic, jazz, trip hop, contemporary quintet)

“We are now here/Grace is with us/Marvelous is Paradise”


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A project that focuses on original compositions of Suzana Lașcu. A lot of sound exploration occurs constantly, since effects are being used by Suzana, Milton and Johannes, in their search for sonic catharsis. Jazz, DnB and Theater will provide enchantment and a beautiful journey.

Suzana Lașcu – voice, effects, aka the cerebellum.
Tim de Vries – saxophones, clarinets, aka the amygdala.
Milton Rodriguez Cisneros – guitar, aka the corpus callosum.
Johannes Fend – electric bass, aka the hypothalamus.
Ugur Kupeli – drums, percussion, aka the pons.


Silk, Copper and Plastic (a minimalist jazz standards trio)

Currently involved with traditional jazz repertoire, this trio succesfully blends the essentials of a jazz sound with the requirements of a contemporary setting: vocalist Suzana Lașcu explores the American songbook of the first half of the 20th century, jovially accompanied by pianist Antisia Machneva and in constant interplay with tenor saxophonist Gerben Wasser. They are all alumnus of the Prins Claus Conservatorium.

Suzana Lașcu – voice
Gerben Wasser – tenor sax
Antisia Machneva – piano


SL DUO (cozy jazz duo)

Extensive repertoire ranging from bossa to alternative acoustic, including a lot of jazz. Both members use effects pedals. Exciting to listen to.

Suzana Lașcu – voice
Stanimir Lambov – guitar