Commissioned Work

cover art based on an artwork by Constant Nieuwenhuys

defiant step: rec_play – a sound walk meant to further unsettle the perception of an already unsettling space; partially against the notion of preventing documentation out of privacy concerns, this piece dwells on the artificiality and superficiality of an otherwise monotonous building complex, that is New Babylon. Conceived within the context of an assignment for the Sound Installation course taught by Justin Bennett at the Institute of Sonology, it gladly joined Radio New Babylon‘s platform, which one can experience through the Echoes app.

Evasive maneuvers 1999 Belgrade (working title) is a hybrid publication portraying a historical event, the bombing of Belgrade 1999, from the perspective of a future based narrator. She is archiving this event for future generations as she has witnessed how events like these get co-opted and changed through history. The artist-curator behind this project, Senka Milutinovic had commissioned the soundtrack to their short animation film from Suzana, in collaboration with WORM Studio. One of the fragments can be heard below:

re#sister presents: corporeal whispers

The sonic body that RE#SISTER’s ca. 10 individuals have assembled, is constituted by its integral parts. They were made by following a predetermined sequence. Each one of us received the ten last seconds of the part preceeding ours. On the basis of that, we were inspired to compose the next part in the sequence. Eventually, we have edited these parts into a body, a corporeal whisper. Whispering together, we present you our voices, in order of appearance: Tisa Neža Herlec, Mariette Groot, Marte Ydema, Carolien Slegers, Lucija Gregov, Mina Kim, Sibyla Koyota, Hyunji Jung, Mayb3 Bab3, Suzana Lașcu, Yoana Buzova, Zeynep Aslan.

posedai tot felul de obiecte electrice

A 28 minute tone poem inspired by Mircea Cărtărescu’s homonymous piece: The particularity of this text is represented by the clash in the male’s perception of the woman as a confusing entity encompassing a multitude of features and stereotypes, the reflex of the male gaze being that of adopting a simultaneously contemptuous and deifying attitude towards her contemporary authority. Dealing with a gender already emancipated psychologically and competent technologically presents itself as the core issue, backed up by a fascination with the subconscious of the subject matter. Furthermore, the title means “you were posessing all sorts of electrical objects”, which made it a perfect match to the Re#sister as a nonbinary feminist collective of electronic musicians.

I intended to create a densely layered vocal piece that might remind listeners of Louis Andriessen’s “De Tijd”, in the sense of it being melodically indeterminate. The atmosphere could remind one of Morton Feldman’s “Rothko Chapel”. This had been a perfect opportunity to attempt to conjure such specific atmospheres of tension and dramaturgy in my works. On a technical level, I was interested in using digital effects during the 3 nights I spent by myself at the WORM Studio workin’ on it.

main arranging C & D assignments at Prins Claus Conservatorium [own compositions]