Suzana Lașcu’s work is gradually being woven across different genres, from jazz to experimental, in the realm of acoustic and electronic music alike.

Jethro Bijleveld Photography

As an improviser and composer, she strives to address political and cultural realities, despite leaning towards crafting sonic fictions of her own. She has been initiated in the interdisciplinarity of performative practices and would be curios to further explore it through collaboration and research.

She graduated from her bachelor studies at Prins Claus Conservatorium in 2017 and completed a master research paper in jazz improvisation at Codarts in 2019. In 2022, thanks to a transformative one-year course at The Institute of Sonology, she now incorporates algorithmic composition, microtonal treatment and field recording in her practices.

Invested in the inventive aspect of music, she variably switches hats as a curator, conductor, radiophonist or songwriter for projects other than her own. Online, Lașcu tends to exhibit a visual side which includes photography, acrylic painting & digital glitch.

Her most extensive publishing effort took place while broadcasting her freshest experiments on Radio WORM (listed in top 100 essential online stations of The Wire magazine), now available via a subscription to her catalogue or through artistic patronage.

“This is undoubtedly an artist charting her own course.”

London Jazz News