Crusaders vs Hurricanes


The reality we live in can appear overwhelming. Movements of resistance emerge all across society. This group’s songwriting reflects political issues of today, such as processing identity through immigration, tackling pollution and waste, solving our current digital dilemmas: escaping their personal fear of missing out, as well as questioning the integrity of AI technology and its potential development.

Our goal underlines an attempt to offer dignifying solutions to life in general. In that sense, the project is extremely user-friendly, with self-help tendencies.

Suzana Lașcu – voice
Jorrit Westerhof – guitar
Donatas Bielunskis – bass
Aleksandar Škorić – drums

“A controlled voice use that is compensated by the most dangerous guitarist of the moment in the Netherlands, Jorrit Westerhof: anarchist in his playing and without fear in deep diving and taking the listener into his flying art.” (Cutting Edge)

“This is undoubtedly an artist charting her own course.” (London Jazz News)