Starting with 2020, Jaap van Gils and Suzana Lașcu have formed this mesmerizing duo you should dip your ears in, if you get the chance to. He specializes in crafting luscious textures on massive church organs: an undoubtedly unique improviser within Rotterdam’s experimental scene!!

A songwriting adventure inspired by “Éloa, ou La sœur des anges“, an epic tripartite philosophic poem, published in 1824 by Alfred de Vigny. Released in September 2020, ÉLOA’s release represents a mix of subversive attempts to blend the performative aspect of postmodernist poetry into formerly considered sacral spaces, especially with the purpose of enabling their acoustics, as well as their energies. Listen to the full album on Bandcamp!

Our music dwells on conflicting harmonic loops and glissandi that melt between a mezzo-soprano and a church organ across a given space, accessing the spiritual receptors of the listener during a time that brought the collective consciousness closer to facing the prospect of dying more so than ever before. This music is meant to elevate your soul.

Our choice of poetry includes works by Charles Bukowsky, W.B.Yeats, E.E.Cummings and others.

Our inspiration lies in curating atmospheres that correlate with events from our personal lives, but also events taking place at a global scale, such as climate change. And that’s also what informs our choice of poetry, leaning towards the realistic and the contemporary movements of the medium.

The sonic release of a fully amplified human’s voice, in combination with the power of the Oude Kerk Charlois’ 18th century church organ, showers the listener with cathartic tales of remorse, remembrance and angst. Stay tuned for subsequent heart batterings in 2021!

Photography: Robertina van Gils-Santos