Éloa’s Escape

A songwriting adventure inspired by “Éloa, ou La sœur des anges“, an epic tripartite philosophic poem, published in 1824 by Alfred de Vigny. In collaboration with Jaap van Gils on church organ, the duo is a mix of subversive attempts to relate the performative aspect of postmodernist poetry to formerly considered sacral spaces, especially with the purpose of enabling their acoustics. In the poem, Éloa had been dragged to hell by her forbidden love.

Using both her own poetry and some by Yeats and Bukowsky, Suzana is attempting to write a sequel to the myth, birthing a possible escape from trauma & heartbreak. The sonic release of a fully amplified human’s voice, in combination with the power of the Oude Kerk Charlois’ 18th century church organ, showers the listener with cathartic tales of remorse, remembrance and angst.