Suzana Lașcu
Jazz Department – Voice

I hereby present you with my motivation letter to enter the Master’s program at the Codarts University in Rotterdam. After 4 years of education in the Bachelor’s program at Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, I have now decided there are particular aspects of music which interest me besides performing and composing, like arranging, amongst other theoretical disciplines.

The subject of my master thesis will gravitate around “Modal Interpretations of the American Songbook”, mainly focusing on the jazz repertoire of either the ‘40s or the ‘50s. The methodology I’m currently shaping involves the deconstruction of the song – reducing its structure to its main harmonic pillars – and then reassembling it by using richer chords within my personal sound, by which I mean my extensive use of electronics through pedal effects and my harmonic/compositional style.

As I would dive into my research, my plan is to explore the 2 volumes of Ron Miller’s “Modal Jazz Harmony”, as well as Slonimsky’s “Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns”. Being naturally a fan of Wayne Shorter and John Coltrane, I intend to analyze their compositions and arrangements to thoroughly absorb even more jazz modal language. In terms of a contemporary sound, Jd Walter and Theo Bleckmann remain my closest inspirations at the moment.

I generally assume I would earn my living primarily as a performer and teacher. However, my dream is to do so in New York City, where I hope to be able to move indefinitely as soon as I graduate from this program.

I have chosen Codarts for a variety of reasons: their professionalism being extremely competitive, the idea to become a student here blended with my personal values and aspirations. Even though the board of teachers here is mostly unaware of my potential yet, as well as the fact that I am a person whom anyone can work with on a wide range of aspects (Suzana – the singer/the composer/the artist), I trust my feedback and actions will improve the program’s environment and that my music will fuel and inspire my peers hopefully at the same degree they’d inspire mine or more. All things considered, these special qualities make me a serious candidate.

Having previously presented my research goals, I can only look forward to this journey enriching my perspectives as a jazz musician and give me more opportunities to market my product and expand my networking agenda as an artist and entrepreneur.