Support Our Crowdfunding Campaign!!!

“We are now here / Grace is with us / Marvelous is Paradise”

Music has been written and performed. New worlds were explored. We now need your help in making this a reality. Releasing our debut record this autumn via Fiver House Records & Cantina Records. So feel free to donate to our noble goal and get the word out there!!


Brains On Fluffy Pillows is an alternative jazz/rock project that was born in Groningen, Netherlands, at the Jazz Department of Prins Claus Conservatorium. It features a lot of sound exploration and in-depth songwriting on various social and fictional themes.

Our lovely enterprise consists of:

  • Suzana Lașcu – voice, effects, aka the cerebellum [Romania]
  • Tim de Vries – saxophones, clarinets, aka the amygdala [Netherlands]
  • Milton Rodriguez Cisneros – guitar, aka the corpus callosum [Spain]
  • Johannes Fend – electric bass, aka the hypothalamus [Austria]
  • Ugur Kupeli – drums, percussion, aka the pons [Turkey]

Music entirely written and arranged by Suzana Lașcu.


“The music presented on the album contains my very best compositions written in the last 3 years while studying in the Netherlands. Before encountering the highly creative environment at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in the Groningen, I was only singing and arranging jazz standards, so I am deeply humbled to thrilled to be able to bring into the world a complete story of my journey as a creator. I am confident in the quality of the content involved, not only from a writing perspective, but also performance-wise, since all the musicians involved have brought a lot of experience to making this music happen the way it did.” (Suzana)

Other ways to do it

In case you cannot currently contribute to our fundraising goal, you can still help us out by spreading the word and make some noise about our journey! Remember to share it at least! We would be forever grateful for that!

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